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Episode 12:

The Trick to Sourcing Camouflaged Employees


This week, research manager Evi Cenolli provides some insight into the unique job titles that keep popping up all over LinkedIn. She tells us why they’re gaining popularity and how to effectively source for them.


So, what’s the deal with unique job titles?

There are a couple reasons that unique titles are taking off right now. For one, companies are beginning to change titles to better represent their brand. They want to reflect their culture by emphasizing their fun environment, especially in startups or up and coming organizations.

We're another reason why employers push for unique job titles. Companies are trying to avoid getting their employees poached by recruiters and need a way to get around keyword searches. So, they’re camouflaging them. Their employees are doing the same jobs as before--the ones that your team could be sourcing or recruiting for--but now under a different title.

Unique Job Titles

The key is in the keywords

Evi’s advice is to search for skill keywords as opposed to the title. This way, you can still weed out your candidates by function. Be thorough in your searches - search different combinations of skills to make sure that you’re covering all of the bases.

Last but not least: reach out to individuals who seem like they would make a good fit. No one can explain their job better than they can. If you’re confused, shoot them a message to get the lowdown on what exactly they do.

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