Qualities of Good Recruiters

October 13, 2016
Recruiting iY Talent: Written by iY Talent
Recruiting iY Talent: Written by iY Talent
October 3, 2016
Recap of MISHRM 2016 & The Top HR Professional Award
October 17, 2016

The modern recruiter knows they’ve got to wear many hats.

Gone are the days when a hefty rolodex full of contacts and a phone connection are all you needed to do your job effectively. Today’s recruiters possess a unique blend of people skills, industry knowledge, and have the ability to problem solve quickly. For making the toughest situations into opportunities in your daily grind as a recruiter, consider brushing up on the following skills:



Comprehending client or candidate needs and pain points clearly is crucial to your success as a recruiter. When you actively listen to someone else, you are giving them your full attention. While that seems obvious, it’s actually easier said than done.

When you make a conscious effort to understand what someone else is saying, you’re less likely to let your mind wander to upcoming tasks or how long until lunch. Try, when appropriate, to repeat back what is being told to you as a check for your own comprehension. After doing this, you’ll be more likely to respond with added value.


After reading through LinkedIn’s Talent Blog on essential skills for recruiters, we think this one might be the most relatable and useful. After you’ve practiced active listening, it’s time to craft questions unique to your client.

Getting to the bottom of what exact qualities and skills necessary for the position you’re working is a talent. The more specific of an answer you get when determining those “must have” qualities versus the “nice to have” qualities, the less opportunity there is for confusion or conflict down the road.


Serving as an ambassador for your organization or acting on behalf of a client is not a task to be taken lightly. It is, however, a real opportunity be the driving force behind candidate experience. Treat them with respect by calling on time for an interview, and remember key details about their situation. Asking in-depth questions about their skill set is also a major way to show and earn respect, and get the details you need to get your job done right.

No two recruiters are the same. Each recruiter and human resource professional has their own blend of qualities and inclinations that help them serve others uniquely. They all know that being mindful about candidate experience means listening carefully to ask the right questions, and acting consistently with respect.
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