Qualigence 2.0: Same Great Company, Fresh New Look

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November 21, 2017
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Qualigence International is excited to announce that it has just launched an entirely new look and feel: logo, colors, messaging—you name it.

Why the change?

Since its foundation nearly 20-years ago, Qualigence International has always approached the talent industry through a modern lens. We’ve worked hard to shift and evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape. So, we decided it was time to develop a brand to match.

What does the logo mean?

As a whole, the logo’s multifaceted design was crafted with purpose. It signifies our efforts to move not just the industry, but people, forward.

Let’s break it down.

The Arrow
From the beginning stages of initial project kickoffs, research, and candidate interviews, all the way to completion and placements, it’s our mission to take both people and leading organizations full circle on a custom-tailored talent journey.

The Line
While abstract, the single straight line begins to form a person’s head. We wouldn’t be who we are without placing people in the forefront.

The Circle
Combine the line and the logo’s circular design and we have a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass represents how our proprietary recruitment research methods allow us to investigate and identify top talent from anywhere in the world.

Browse Qualigence

Coupled with our new logo are changes throughout the website. Take a look at all of our updated pages to formally meet Qualigence 2.0.
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Sam Sandler
Sam Sandler
Sam is a copywriter and strategist at Qualigence International. She enjoys exercising, eating pizza, and long walks through her Netflix queue.

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