Qualigence Performance Solutions - Interview #3 - Qualigence International

The Secret to Hiring and Inspiring Engaged Employees

There are certainly a lot of tools out there that try to measure engagement. You might even be able to find out if a certain department or team is less engaged than others. But what do you do with that information? How do you find out why that is, and more importantly how to do fix it?

Qualigence Performance Solutions, in partnership with PI, uses scientifically validated tools to accurately depict what success truly means in a given role, and to paint the clearest image of the optimal candidate for it.

Watch the video below to take a deeper dive:

The real key is not in the engagement itself, but about really understanding individuals. Each person’s drives and needs are completely different and affect their work style, management style, and behaviors. Understanding and learning to manage based on drives and needs will ultimately lead to high engagement.

Predict Performance. Promote Success.

Qualigence Performance Solutions, will supercharge your ability to find the RIGHT candidates, for the RIGHT roles, and for the RIGHT reasons. The Predictive Index™ platform is an objective, repeatable, and scientifically-validated framework that’s been proven to increase successful hires, employee retention, and employee engagement. Allowing you to start placing candidates for Long-Term Success within your organization.