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Hiring for the Head, Heart, and Briefcase

The job descriptions we create as companies tend to focus only on the knowledge, skills, and experience (the briefcase) necessary to do the job. You might think, “What else matters?”. Well, if a candidate’s head and heart are not a tailored match for the role, it doesn’t matter what they know or theoretically are able to do – you won’t see their full productivity potential – and they’ll ultimately fail or feel unfulfilled. 

Education, GPA, and interviews are all poor predictors of workplace performance on their own, so how do you make sure you find someone with the right behavioral drives and cognitive abilities for the right role?

QPS, in partnership with PI, uses scientifically validated tools to accurately depict what success truly means in a given role, and to paint the clearest image of the optimal candidate for it.

Watch the video below to take a deeper dive:

Demand for qualified candidates is growing. Competition is getting fierce. The access to quality candidates is changing. It’s time to step up your talent acquisition and employee engagement game with an unprecedented suite of performance solutions.

Predict Performance. Promote Success.

Qualigence Performance Solutions, will supercharge your ability to find the RIGHT candidates, for the RIGHT roles, and for the RIGHT reasons. The Predictive Index™ platform is an objective, repeatable, and scientifically-validated framework that’s been proven to increase successful hires, employee retention, and employee engagement. Allowing you to start placing candidates for Long-Term Success within your organization.