Qualigence International Launches QResources

December 20, 2016
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December 9, 2016
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December 23, 2016

Livonia, MI – Qualigence International (https://www.qualigence.com) is pleased to announce the launch of a new company and expansion of their business, QResources.

Founded to provide clients and candidates a new level of partnership in their contract staffing needs, QResources’s key differentiation is the level of transparency surrounding cost and talent standards. All pay rates, benefits, and costs are provided to the client up-front, creating a new, unparalleled standard in the contract staffing industry.

“We’re disrupting the expectations associated with contract staffing by keeping all parties informed of the details necessary to secure a successful partnership,” commented Steve Lowisz, CEO. “From markup costs to benefits and premiums, our seamless process gets and keeps everyone in the know.”

As a Qualigence International company, QResources will operate and function as a unique, cost-effective alternative to strategic talent acquisition services. Like Qualigence, Q Resources is capable of focusing on niche, challenging positions and providing creative talent solutions.

“Ultimately, QResources is about crafting quality relationships between client and candidate that connect the right people to the right organizations,” concludes Lowisz.

About Qualigence International
Qualigence International is the largest Recruitment Research and professional search firm in the United States and proudly serves as a unique alternative to traditional retained or contingent recruiting models. Our services include the full scope of recruitment research and competitive intelligence, full life cycle recruiting, and executive search.

About QResources
QResources was founded to provide clients and candidates a more effective partnership to achieve individual and corporate goals simultaneously. While providing candidates an enhanced relation-based process, QResources serves clients by providing unprecedented levels of transparency surrounding cost and talent standards.

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