Pushy, Pushy: Recruiters, Beware of “Overpost Syndrome”

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August 5, 2013
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August 19, 2013

I’m hiring a Sales Executive!

I’m hiring a Sales Executive!

I’m hiring a Sales Executive!

Recruiters, are you guilty of the overpost? On LinkedIn or elsewhere, it’s dangerously easy to flood the feed, especially when it comes to job postings.

As with the utilization of any recruiting tool, moderation is key. As the line between passive and active candidates continues to blur, it becomes less likely that top talent will jump at the chance to reply to an influx of job postings, particularly if the recruiter has an air of desperation.

LinkedIn in particular is losing its competitive advantage because  of overuse. Although it can be a wonderful tool for building relationships, LinkedIn has been abused by many recruiters. The initial purpose of LinkedIn, to pave the way for two-way relationships, has lost its meaning as it becomes flooded with pushy recruiters.

The next time you’re suffering from Overpost Syndrome on any form of social media, consider these posting alternatives:

  • Post Where it Counts: Try posting your job listings in Groups or Communities within social media networks in which the posting will be topical and relevant, not lost in cyberspace
  • Raise Awareness of Organization’s Purpose & Mission – If you want people to be excited about your job post, give them a reason and truly believe in what you’re posting. Canned messages about a job in which the recruiter knows nothing about the company become lost in the shuffle
  • Engage, Engage, Engage – Start a conversation with job candidates, get to know them, add a human element to your job postings so it’s not a one-way street
  • Social Media Does not Mean Advertise – Leverage your job postings with actual content and conversation starters (don't be a robot)

Don’t just take from the community – be sure to give. What other advice do you have for pushy recruiters?

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