Investment Professionals for Fortune 500 Banking Organization

Uncovered exclusive qualified candidates for the client that could not be found by other organizations conducting a simple online search.

One of the largest Fortune 500 commercial banking organizations was looking to expand into the D.C. and New York markets and had an immediate need to fill unique Institutional Investment Management sales positions with qualified and motivated professionals. Without a strong in-house research and sourcing capability, the commercial banking company turned to Qualigence International to provide data analysis, organizational chart building, and market research in order to identify and place the best possible talent for investment sales roles in these expanding markets.


The Fortune 500 commercial banking organization needed to uncover viable candidates within the D.C. and New York markets with extensive commercial banking, investment management, and business development professional experience. The organization provided a list of target companies for Qualigence International to pinpoint and compile their organizational intelligence, including reporting structure and contact information, in order to identify top performers.

“Qualigence is really effective in terms of turnaround time. The team is very good about feedback, and does the tweaking and honing within your focus area and works to understand firsthand what you are looking for.”


Qualigence International got to work identifying 100% of the talent population within these markets. By utilizing unique phone research methodologies, Qualigence Research Consultants identified qualified, viable candidates with experience in investment management sales in the targeted regions. Qualigence then provided this comprehensive candidate intelligence to the Fortune 500 commercial banking organization. All of the information was completely exclusive to the client and guaranteed for that-day accuracy, allowing the client to hire as many candidates as desired from the provided qualified candidate list.


Constant communication and clear objectives assisted both Qualigence and the client in successfully identifying and placing qualified candidates for these investment management sales positions based on the research provided by Qualigence. These candidates were exclusively uncovered for the client and could not be found by other organizations conducting a simple online search.


Qualigence continues to identify,develop and place top talent for the Fortune 500 commercial banking organization. The most recent project entailed identifying top talent for commercial lender roles in Dallas. Qualigence has successfully identified an average of 5 hires a year for the Fortune 500 commercial banking organization. Consistent feedback and updates with the client allows both organizations to successfully work in partnership to attract the right talent for the right reasons.