Uncovered qualified sales leads for more than a dozen industry-targeted projects in a span of eight months.

A large Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider was in need of identifying cross-industry leadership professionals that could be contacted as qualified leads for utilization of the client’s services. The individuals in need of identification were director-level and above professionals in a variety of fields, including:

· Electronics · Operations · Business · Health Care

· Manufacturing · Procurement · Engineering

Qualigence International was tasked with providing Recruitment Research and Competitive Intelligence services to accurately identify, target, and qualify prospective sales leads and provide market exploration in various fields to answer to the growth and development of the client into new fields and products.


Qualigence International’s experienced Recruitment Research team got to work identifying key contacts in designated markets for the client’s Sales Representatives to call upon. These individuals were identified specific to areas of focus within each industry.

Utilizing unique telephonic methodologies that go beyond online search, Qualigence International identified the requested individuals and provided full contact information in exclusive data sheets and organizational charts verified for accuracy the day they were provided to the client.

The Qualigence team is always extremely professional. Everything is on time, they always keep me updated, when we have a deadline they meet it, if not beat it by days…they’ve been a pleasure to work with. – Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Manufacturing Services Provider


Frequent communication regarding any data requests or changes, as well as consistent feedback from the client regarding targeted markets, allowed Qualigence International to successfully uncover qualified sales leads for more than a dozen industry-targeted projects in a span of eight months. This comprehensive intelligence allows the client’s Sales Manager to review and distribute contact information including title, phone number, and role details to the client’s Sales Representatives and New Business Development Associates to consistently utilize as an in-house call list.


Qualigence International is currently working on five additional sales intel projects with the client. As a direct result of quality services and a strong and communicative partnership, Qualigence International continues to successfully identify, target and qualify sales leads for the client in designated target markets.

Qualigence has been a great resource in helping to identify different contacts, serving as a ‘catch-all’ for intel as we explore new markets…it’s been a great partnership. – Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Manufacturing Services Provider