Developer Candidates Identified for Global Publishing Company

Niche Developer Candidates Identified for Globally Recognized Publishing Company

An internationally recognized publishing company sought professionals within the technical field to fill multiple job openings in India, but struggled to find the best talent. The client lacked the internal resources or capacity during re-organization to fill such tech positions with niche skillsets. Qualigence International was tasked with uncovering and qualifying professionals to fill these roles with experience in the following technical skillsets:

· Internet engineering management · Lead.net Global Publishing Company

· Senior-level database administration · Oracle


Candidates provided to the client were required to pass a complex assessment test to make it to the next round of the hiring process. In addition to identifying the targeted list of candidates, Qualigence Recruiting consultants provided 60 candidates to the client for further review and assessment, first offering coaching and preparation to each potential candidate on the test and assessment.

An added challenge was a large change in management at the client organization, including the changeover of new recruiters and hiring managers on the team. As a result, Qualigence International Research and Recruiting consultants made enhanced communication efforts top priority throughout the duration of the project.


Qualigence International’s experienced team got to work identifying the steps necessary to identify, target, qualify, review, interview, and provide the best possible candidates for the open positions. This included utilization of Recruitment Research, Candidate Qualification and Assessment, and Applicant Tracking System Management for the client.

The Recruitment Research team began by scouring job boards such as Dice and Tech to find active candidates for the four positions. After thorough research, the Qualigence team qualified potential candidates and provided the targeted list of qualified candidates to the client’s recruiting team to make placements of top performers.


Due to strong communication and dedication to the project, Qualigence International successfully helped the client fill two roles within a 12-month span. The client was “thrilled” with the results that Qualigence provided. The trusted partnership continues with Qualigence International and the client.