Competitive Intelligence for Detroit Automotive Company

Individuals were targeted and identified performing specific job duties in designated automotive sectors, providing a comprehensive list from which the client could recruit.

A leader in automotive thermal technology was in need of locating engineering professionals in niche automotive sectors in order to grow the Detroit division of the organization and fill several open positions from collected talent data.

Qualigence International was tasked with utilizing its unique research methodologies to complete market intelligence that would reveal the following exclusive pieces of intel within competing organizations for the client:

·Merchandising Engineer ·Electronics Project Manager Detroit Automotive Company

·Advanced Heating & Cooling ·Electronics Account Manager ·Embedded Software Engineer


Qualigence International’s Automotive Research Team obtained a specific target list from the client in order to locate and identify talent within these sectors. The Research team worked diligently to gain a thorough understanding of the niche automotive groupings and break out the organizational teams from within the designated sectors.


Identifying the proper niche targets for the client entailed comprehensive discussions and communication with the client in order for the Research team to identify the correct targets. This also included extensive research on the automotive language, key terms and skill sets, specialties, and expertise within each niche role.

The Research Team gained an understanding of the specific components within heating, cooling, and power systems of an automobile in order to uncover the specific roles within these systems. Among the targets sourced included individuals within Embedded Software Engineering who specifically handled the power windows, steering, seat controls, etc., and the automotive parts associated with this action.

The specified roles also frequently varied throughout the duration of the project, requiring the Research team to be prepared and ready for a change of direction.


As a direct result of consistent communication and feedback, Qualigence International successfully targeted and identified individuals performing specific job duties in designated automotive sectors, providing a comprehensive list from which the client could recruit.

Clarity of targets, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the industry’s niche roles, allowed Qualigence International to successfully provide the client with this data for a six month duration.


The heating and cooling automotive group successfully hired Account and Project Managers with electronics focus from the data provided by Qualigence International, and continues to refer to the data set for current and future hiring needs and competitive intelligence insight.

As a direct result of the client’s satisfaction, Qualigence International is working with a subsidiary of the client to recruit Sales and Engineering professionals in this sector.