Compensation Benefits for Top Health Care Organization

Confidential compensation and benefits package details were uncovered as well as extensive reports on competitors’ bonus, sign-on and reimbursement packages for new hires.

One of the largest health care organizations in the nation sought to uncover exclusive intelligence about their competitors.

The client requested a series of confidential compensation and benefits package details, such as retirement benefits, paid time off policies, profit sharing, 401k plans, sick leave, and disability. The client also sought to discover extensive reports on their competitors’ bonus, sign-on and reimbursement packages for new hires. This insight would help to enhance the client’s own benefits structure and strategies and gain a competitive edge within the booming health care industry.


The project required a vast amount of research, astute attention to detail, and utilization of a wide range of unique research methodologies to uncover the requested competitive intelligence. Qualigence worked diligently to uncover intel from the client’s largest and most distinctive competitors. In addition to uncovering extensive research for the client, Qualigence gained access to confidential information that allowed for a full investigation into what was keeping the competitors at the front of the line within the health care industry. Qualigence assessed what made their compensation and benefits packages effective and what facets of these packages allowed the competitors to stay ahead in the market. The project was compiled into an extensive and comprehensive report for the client. The report was grouped by geographic area in order to have a regionally-accurate reading of benefits and compensation intel in varying parts of the country. The intel also varied by profession: each and every position within the industry was assessed and the benefits were fully reported.


The research is exclusive to the client and theirs to keep for future need, and is frequently utilized by the client to remain up to speed on industry trends and market changes. The client continues to partner with Qualigence to uncover competitive intelligence in order to remain one of the top health care organizations in the nation. The client was very satisfied with the amount of candidates and warm leads provided to them under strict parameters. They were provided with competitive intelligence as well as a robust pipeline for future staffing needs. Qualigence continues business with the client, working diligently to keep the client satisfied and provide them with exclusive Research and Recruitment.