Client Constructs Centers Based in Geographic Research Results

The research was provided into a comprehensive presentation and provided to the client. The client then chose two call center locations as a direct result of the findings.

A top banking services organization was ready to expand, but was uncertain how to uncover the extensive geographic statistical information necessary to make such a decision.

The client needed information about specific locations in order to decide where to create call centers for its company. Qualigence International stepped in to provide this exclusive information that would lead them to the right locations.


Qualigence worked to uncover extensive competitive intelligence regarding surrounding competition in each geographic area, such as total number of target employees, compensation range, position profiles, turnover rate, and manager to employee ratio. If there were several companies of similarity in the area competing for the same top talent, this area was considered a low-availability, high direct-competition area. Qualigence uncovered data pertaining to specifications such as talent level, education level in the area, graduation rates, competing salary intel, and availability. Areas with a low education level, for instance, were identified and then omitted from the final list of options for the client. Qualigence then took the research a step further, uncovering taxes and real estate rates in the prospective locations. The research uncovered all parameters and compared them side by side. Qualigence narrowed the prospects down very closely based on the research uncovered.


After the extensive geographic research was compiled and completed, Qualigence packaged the research into a comprehensive presentation and provided the information to the client. The client utilized the research and chose two call center locations as a direct result of the findings.

In addition, the client recruited from the information they were provided for the geographic study, enabling them to recruit and obtain research for the same price, thereby saving thousands of dollars.