Qualigence Senior Recruiting consultants uncover a list of more than 5,500 qualified passive candidates


A client of a leading search firm was given a list of 5,500 passive candidates. The firm needed to comb through every single name in order to identify, qualify, and place financial consultants throughout the Northwest. Already crunched for time, the search firm called on Qualigence International to sift through the data identify and engage with qualified candidates. To pile it on, the list of over 5,500 names was riddled with errors and dead ends.


The search firm required key information from qualified passive candidates, such as salary intelligence and production volume of each consultant in the industry. As the project progressed, the search firm narrowed down qualifications: they needed candidates who were top producers and fell into the top production percentile. The candidate pool went from 100% to about 20% of the list.


Senior recruiting consultants went on to initiate conversation with several candidates each day. Every week, several qualified names were submitted to the client for consideration.

Qualigence took an extra step and paired candidate development with its internal recruiting efforts. Q followed up with each candidate via phone and email to ensure that the client had full coverage of all candidate contact and feedback. Once interest was confirmed, Qualigence sent the firm only those who were interested and qualified.


Qualigence maintained frequent communication with the search firm to manage expectations, feedback, and results. By the end of the project, Qualigence sorted and reached out to thousands of individuals to qualify top talent for the search firm.

Adaptability and flexibility allowed Qualigence to successfully pass on a large volume of qualified financial consultant candidates. The client made a hire as a direct result of the work Qualigence produced.


The same search firm has chosen Qualigence to take on a larger research initiative that involves as many as 30 banks to identify the head of retail banking.