Recruitment Process Outsourcing


You’re already struggling to recruit and retain talent. You feel like you have two options: stick with your internal team and overwork them some more, or hand over the keys to the castle to a costly RPO. Not only is that inflated RPO a shot in the dark, but you'll be forced to sign a suffocating contract that binds you together for years.

Let’s just cut to the chase: those aren’t your only options for recruitment project outsourcing.


We believe in full partnership; not total domination


We approach project outsourcing not as a hostile takeover, but as an extension of your recruiting team. QPO supports your initiatives at a lower cost and a short commitment level.


We’ll never replace your internal recruiting teamInstead, you receive a team of trained, dedicated recruiters who work seamlessly with your processes. Whether you need assistance with sourcing, recruiting, scheduling, or the entire recruiting cycle, QPO’s got you covered.


We replace long-term contracts with project-based rates

We'll step in during times of high demand to help build talent pipelines, specifically for all those repetitive, high volume positions. In the end, you get positive candidate experiences and a streamlined recruiting process.

Bask in the ease of flexible project outsourcing

We offer an a la carte menu of recruitment research and recruiting services. From organization charts, to ATS, to process management, our team leverages cutting-edge methodologies that go beyond dead-end online searches.

Imagine the start of a recruitment process without countless gaps to fill

We take pre-existing candidate data and pair it with external resources to uncover the strongest candidates for your high volume positions.

We screen and prioritize resumes so you can focus on quality candidates—and that’s it

Our team of analysts review, track, assess, and categorize incoming resumes. We even have a candidate response ready to go within 48 hours of the application date.

Never lose a qualified candidate again to the depths of a disorganized database

Our database analysts organize and maintain ATS and CRM systems. Quality candidates are front and center, never buried in the dreaded black hole of the recruiting process.

Less than 15% of recruiters have time to look through their own database when sourcing candidates.

  • 15%