Building a Powerful Talent Pipeline

At Qualigence International, we aim to replace the dismantled RPO system with a functioning, up-to-date recruiting alternative. We've heard the frustrations of dismayed HR Professionals and have devised a partnership model in which they are treated as equals.

Enter Qualigence Project Outsourcing.

Among other benefits, this substitute structure offers:

  • Partnership as opposed to dominance
  • No monthly retainers and minimums
  • Hourly rate
  • Short-term commitment
  • Front-end, back-end, or full life-cycle recruiting

In addition to monetary benefits and lower commitments, our organization firmly subscribes to the idea that each organization must be handled on an individual basis. A one-size-fits-all approach leads to oversimplified recruiting methods, domination of resources, and an ultimate disaster. We understand that you, as an HR Professional, possess insight that we can’t possibly gain overnight; when combined with our recruiting expertise, we can build a powerful talent pipeline.

Start your project today

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Exclusive access to viable candidates

Dedicated resources to your project

Cost-effective pricing structure

Project-based services with a short-term commitment

Recent Placements

Safety Trainer
Burnaby, BC

2.5% cost per hire

Account Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

6.7% cost per hire

VP Marketing
Seattle, WA

13.4% cost per hire

Marketing Associate/Office Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI

11% cost per hire


Here are a few of our clients with whom we have the pleasure of partnering.


Get the details on cost-effective, scalable options that extend your talent team.

QPO options can support with sourcing, recruiting, and much more.

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