Private Receptions

Our Private Reception services allow for an exclusive, private meeting for a single position or several function-specific positions with one candidate at a time and the client.

Qualigence International will provide a guest list of candidates to interview based on the criteria set by the client, including skill set, experience, and fit for the role prior to the reception. Each candidate will be personally and professionally invited to attend and speak directly with the client at the determined time and location.

These receptions are professionally organized by our trained reception team and are held at a hotel or other public meeting space in which each candidate has specified, exclusive one-on-one time with the client. These candidates are not left waiting for their turn and are not directly exposed to the competition.

job fairsBenefits of Private Receptions:

  • Professional, personal opportunity to learn about candidate and role
  • More casual than a corporate interview, more personal than a job fair
  • Personalized candidate pool to engage with – not randomly selected
  • Candidate has exclusive time with the client and is not exposed to the competition
  • Administrative functions of hosting event provided by Qualigence International


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