Here at Qualigence, we’ve never been afraid of doing things differently.

We started this company by asking why? Why do so many agencies charge inflated placement fees? Why do they trap businesses in long-term contracts that produce lousy results month after month?

Are they scared? Greedy? Or are they just following the path of least resistance? Following in the footsteps of those before them, because that’s just “how things are done”.

We asked ourselves, what if there was a company that didn’t do any of that? An “anti-agency.” A recruiting company with no commissions, no contracts, and no B.S….that was the eureka moment! The moment we were inspired to start Qualigence. 

20 years later, Qualigence is still committed to that “anti-agency” mentality. We’re still delivering talent solutions that provide superior value above all else.

Our work now revolves around helping businesses recruit the right people and unlock their best performance. We’ve also put a great emphasis on purpose – we strive to align people with organizations and roles that full their purpose.

We now look further to the future. In our continuing quest to provide uncompromising value to our clients, we are proud to announce the addition of three new directors to our team! 

Scott Wilson, formerly our Principal Search Consultant, has been promoted to Managing Director of Executive Search.

We are excited to welcome Francesca Tuzzolino as our new Senior Director of Recruiting.

Lastly, we’re proud to announce Stephen M. Lowisz as Director of Performance Solutions.

Our mission is “People Living Their Purpose,” and that starts at home. Whether it’s for our clients or within our own organization, we pride ourselves in putting the right people in the right roles for the right reasons. These directors are no exception, and they’ll play a key role in helping us deliver top tier talent solutions to our clients.

Here’s looking to the future!  

The right people, empowered to perform.