Predict Performance. Promote Success.

Qualigence Performance Solutions, will supercharge your ability to find the RIGHT candidates, for the RIGHT roles, and for the RIGHT reasons. The Predictive Index™ platform is an objective, repeatable, and scientifically-validated framework that's been proven to increase successful hires, employee retention, and employee engagement. Allowing you to start placing candidates for Long-Term Success within your organization.


Qualigence has always been about finding the RIGHT fit for the RIGHT role and for the RIGHT reasons and has been a leader in recruitment research for 20 years. Our partnership with PI enables us to combine our best in class recruitment research and recruiting practices with advanced behavioral analytics to go far beyond the standard sourcing and recruiting services offered by most companies. Using science, technology, and proven research & recruiting methods, to truly understand the needs, motivators, and cognitive abilities of a candidate, we can predict a successful hire with a much greater degree of accuracy over interviews alone. This means lower turnover, higher engagement, and a more productive workforce.


In a survey last year, 750 hiring managers gave themselves a collective C- for the quality of their hiring processes. That same group was responsible for hiring over 81,000 new employees in 2017. Yet the decision to hire is often the single most important decision we make in our organizations. So why do good hiring practices matter?

This isn’t news to most managers and recruiters. According to studies, 46% of new hires are terminated, leave under pressure, or receive significant disciplinary action and negative reviews within their first 18 months?** Bad hires have created a revolving door in our organizations that impact everyone:

  • It’s bad for employees: Hiring the wrong person can needlessly rattle their confidence.
  • It’s bad for managers: Managing a bad hire is exhausting and makes us skittish about re-hiring.
  • It’s draining on HR: Exiting and rehiring employees saps energy and resources.

Bad hires cost your company in lost hours of productivity and expensive mistakes—not to mention recruitment fees, interviewing, and onboarding a replacement.


Bridge the Gap Between Hiring and Company Performance

  • Define Real Job Profiles
  • Source the RIGHT candidates
  • Select the RIGHT Person for the RIGHT Team
  • Improve New Hire Success with Real Data
  • Increase Team Performance Through Real Insights
  • Drive Engagement - Drive Company Financial Performance

Move beyond just filling roles. Create more value in your organization. Drive real business results.