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April 9, 2017
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Qualigence Project Outsourcing for Marketing Advertising Firm


Open positions filled with qualified, unique candidates that were not being found by competitors.

A widely recognized Creative Services and Digital Marketing firm was faced with the need to fill multiple roles in a variety of specialties due to continuous growth. The client had more than 20 open positions, but did not possess the internal resources to target, qualify, and place qualified candidates.

Qualigence International stepped in to provide full management of the recruitment research and recruiting process and fill the open positions at hand with qualified, unique candidates that were not being found by competitors.


Qualigence International worked diligently as the client’s exclusive recruiting vendor, fulfilling every step of the sourcing and recruiting process for the organization including applicant tracking system management, management of job postings, crafting offers, and making placements of qualified candidates.

To ensure total client satisfaction with such a robust project, Qualigence dedicated exclusive internal resources to the client, including a designated project manager and key communications liaison, and maintained consistent feedback through the duration of the project.


From July of 2015 to April of 2016 and beyond, Qualigence International worked directly with the client’s HR business partners to provide more than 22 hires in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Dallas. The majority of these positions resulted in a less than 5% cost per hire.


One of the most crucial aspects of this project was maintaining a full understanding of the client, including their role in today’s digital media space, overall goals, unique challenges, and product offerings. This required extensive data analysis for each open role as well as regular digestion of media data, trends, and reports.

Another challenge within the project was finding the right candidates for open positions within niche skill sets, particularly for print media roles in a shifting digital space. This required extensive recruitment research methodologies that would go beyond online search to uncover the entire candidate pool and target the most qualified professionals in this space.


Due to the successful identification and placement of several hires, as well as client satisfaction with Qualigence services, management of the client’s full recruiting processes is an ongoing, long-term project that is expected to continue through 2016 and beyond.