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June 6, 2016
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Fortune 500 Health Care Company Intelligence


Extensive data reports, graphs, and presentations were provided based on comprehensive competitive intelligence

A widely recognized Health Care organization wanted to learn more about the compensation and benefits packages of rival companies in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

The client requested Qualigence International’s exclusive competitive intelligence in order to find out what other health care organizations provide to their employees. The Qualigence team stepped in to provide this intelligence to the trusted client in the form of comprehensive data and trend reports.


The Qualigence International dedicated Health Care Recruitment Research Consultant got to work utilizing unique telephone verification methodologies to identify and verify competitive intelligence for the client within the following areas:

To ensure total client satisfaction with such a robust project, Qualigence dedicated exclusive internal resources to the client, including a designated project manager and key communications liaison, and maintained consistent feedback through the duration of the project.

·Average retention/turnover rate clinics for RNs
·Turnover Best retention strategies
·First year average rate for first year nurse turnover

·Industry copays
·Industry eye care, dental
·Severance packages
·Clinical staff severance package
·Benefits Packages - Perks
·401K, Weight Watchers, PTO, holidays, time and a half

·What competitors are paying
·Range to compare
·Nurses out of school vs. Nurses with
2-4 years of experience

·Pay raise based on performance
·Year over year increase
·Projected or actual
·Idea of projection
·401K match profit sharing



Qualigence set timeline expectations with the client, noting that this type of intelligence goes beyond standard name generation and would require a more extensive intel search.

An additional challenge was facing limited resources, as clinic managers were the primary source of information and can be difficult to contact by phone. Tenacity, patience, and persistence were key to uncovering and verifying this intelligence.


Qualigence successfully provided extensive data reports, graphs, and presentations to the client basedon comprehensive competitive intelligence. The client, very satisfied with the results, was able to takethis data and use it to adjust its own company benefits and talent acquisition strategies.


Due to continued success with the client, Qualigence has been creating comprehensive competitive intelligence reports for the client since 2008 and the relationship continues today.