P3: People, Performance, Profits

P3 is a video series and podcast hosted by Steve Lowisz, the CEO and founder of Qualigence International as well as a renowned keynote speaker and Amazon best-selling author. In this series, Steve breaks down the three core parts of any business – how we recruit the right people and unlock their best performance to achieve the right profits.

With practical advice and insights honed from 20 years of business leadership experience, this is one series you don’t want to miss.

Episode 1: Lessons from the Ballfield

In the first episode of People, Performance, Profits, we catch up with Steve to hear his story about two baseball coaches from his younger days…and what they taught him about leadership in business. As a coach, are you truly inspiring your team to perform?

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Episode 2: Motivation vs Inspiration

Should we be trying to motivate our teams or inspire them? And how can we achieve meaningful long-term performance? Steve walks through the benefits and application of inspiring our teams to perform.

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Episode 3: Why Purpose is Everything

What’s the practical application of purpose? Is it just about altruism and giving ourselves the warm and fuzzies? Steve breaks down how purpose serves as the glue that holds our organization together.

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Episode 4: The Power of Influence

Leadership is all about influence – nothing more, nothing less. Teams follow influential leaders not because they have to, but because they want to.

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Episode 5: The Cost of Leadership

Are you choosing to be a leader for the perks or the price? All effective leaders focus on what they can give, not what they can get – because success happens only with sacrifice.

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Episode 6: Three Characteristics of Leadership

Effective leadership boils down to three key characteristics. Learn how you can be a leader that people follow because they want to, not because they have to.

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Episode 7: Laws of Leadership

As leaders, we exert a great deal of influence on our team’s performance. If we understand the laws of leadership, we’re able to boost performance rather than hindering it! Check out the video to learn the laws and get insight on how to apply them in your leadership approach.

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Episode 8: The Law of Trust

Before people buy into a vision, they buy into a leader…the question is, how do we get our teams to buy into our leadership? Hear Steve’s thoughts on the issue honed from 20 years of business leadership experience.

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Episode 9: Seven Core Competencies of Leadership

The world has changed dramatically in the last two decades – but not every leader has adapted their leadership style accordingly. Learn the 7 core competencies of every successful business leader in today’s fast-paced world.

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Episode 10: Three Questions, 5 Skills, & 12 Giveaways

Steve breaks down 3 questions for leaders to consider as we look back on 2019…and 5 things leaders need to understand moving into 2020.

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Episode 11: Three Ways to Influence Through Communication

Communication is one of the most critical skills for effective leaders. Learn how to influence others and inspire your team with these communication tips from Coeus Group CEO Jay Johnson.

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Episode 12: The Psychology Behind Performance

How do we uncover what really drives our candidates and employees? Find out in this week’s episode of P3, where Steve is joined by Jay Johnson, CEO of the Coeus Creative Group. Check out the second half of their conversation right here.

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Episode 13: The Law of Permission

CEO/Speaker/Trainer Steve Lowisz introduces three principles as part of his Law of Permission, freeing you from having to micromanage and empowering your team members to take true OWNERSHIP of their work.

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