Outsourced Recruiting Services: A Different Approach to Efficiency & Affordability

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March 4, 2013
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When it comes to recruiting, there are varying opinions about which approach is best to find top talent and fill an organization with the best possible candidates.

Some insist in-house recruiting methodologies are best, trusting only their own to accomplish every step of the process. Others firmly believe in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, in which the entire process, from finding talent down to background checks and testing, are completed externally.

But there is a crucial middle option that is often overlooked. Outsourced Recruiting Services allows a company to decrease time to fill a position while still having full control over the recruitment processes.

Entrusting a professional with these services allows for a building upon a foundation an organization may already have in-house while removing the full burden of recruitment from the organization.

The outsourcing of recruiting services can lead to improved position fill rates, improved quality of talent, and a reduced turnover rate as a result of poor hiring decisions. The administrative burdens associated with recruiting are placed on the outsourced services, allowing the organization to maintain a focus on its own products and services.

The latest Qualigence Whitepaper will explore ways in which Outsourced Recruiting Services can allow for a flexible, consultative approach to an organization’s recruitment methods, allowing for optimization of candidate channels, a stronger focus on relationship development, and time efficiency.

Read more on Outsourced Recruiting Services in our Whitepaper.

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