Nationwide Nursing Shortage Reaches Critical Stage

The retirement of nurses in the Baby Boomer generation, paired Nurseswith the changes within the Affordable Care Act, has caused a considerable nursing shortage. As of 2015, 10.2 million individuals are utilizing the Affordable Care Act. With the addition of these individuals to the health care system, there are simply not enough nurses to answer to demand.

Further complicating the nursing shortage is the fact that many aspiring nurses cannot attain the education that they need; this is due to the shortage of teachers and facilities at schools.

With the stagnation of nursing growth, many are concerned that adding even more individuals to the Affordable Care Act will simply compound the issue. Because of the increase in enrollees, outpatient facilities and hospitals are beginning to see longer wait times. At some point, there will simply not be enough staff to go around.

As for the aspiring nurse’s outlook, managing to obtain the correct education is the first step. If this can be done, an aspiring nurse is sure to find employment opportunities.

For employers looking to find nursing talent, utilizing unique resources that go beyond online search will be key. Many nursing professionals are on the floor of the hospital during their shift and not sitting at a desk participating in social media platforms.

In fact, just 20 percent of today’s nurses say they regularly use social media. (Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review)

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