Candidate Name Generation

The truth is, job boards and LinkedIn don’t always deliver. You might have access to passive candidate names, but two major challenges often creep up:

•The candidate names, titles, and contact information are outdated
•There’s not enough time to sort through all the candidate research

Regardless, the pipeline of qualified potential candidates still needs to be built. You continue to dig through the data, but your time is wasted. Recruiting teams are overworked. Progress is nonexistent. Roles stay open for too long.

We take the guesswork out of candidate name generation

When you work with Qualigence, the candidate data is customized to your individual project. Names are generated fresh, never pulled from an unverified, pre-existing database.

Candidate research you can rely on

Our dedicated name gen team identifies the competitive talent you need to fill your passive candidate pipelines. They do a deep dive into your target competitors to verify candidates’:

First and last name



Phone number



Focus on your candidate pipeline—with ease

We’ll only provide you with a list of candidate names that are triple checked for accuracy. From the minute you get your hands on the data, you can trust that it’s ready to make up your candidate pipeline.

Candidate research

A dependable solution for candidate name generation is only click away. Connect with a member of our team through our live chat or fill out the form to learn more.
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