Our Senior Management Team

We’re proud to have leaders that aim to inspire. Our senior leadership team drives us toward our goals, reminding us of our shared vision.


Steve Lowisz

Founder & CEO

734.432.6300 Ext 201

Steve founded the organization in 1999 with the underlying goal to stand apart from any other search firm. Qualigence has since become renowned for its exclusive research and recruiting results as well as unique hourly pay structure, often saving clients thousands of dollars in cost per hire.

Nancy Plumley

VP, Finance & Adminstration

734.432.6300 Ext 277

In her role, Nancy oversees the Operations department and manages and coordinates all activities inside and out of the office, including scheduling candidate calls and meetings with clients as well as additional Executive Assistant duties and functions. Nancy also oversees payroll and benefits for all Qualigence employees.

Kirk Kameg

SVP, Global Service Delivery

734.432.6300 Ext 237

Kirk Kameg is the SVP, Global Service Delivery for Qualigence International. Within this role, Kirk is responsible for overseeing and managing the Research and Recruiting teams. Kirk leads, engages and develops in-house Research strategies and oversees sourcing techniques utilized by the research team, coaching them to identify strategies to better the business.

Grant Hubbard

VP, Business Development


Within his role, Grant is responsible for developing and cultivating true partnerships with clients, identifying opportunities to enhance their talent acquisition strategies and find and retain the best possible talent for their organization.
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