Majority of CEOs, Top Execs not on Social Media, Study Finds

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Should social media be used to engage with customers?

According to a whopping 84% of CEO across the globe, no, it should not. A recent study by IBM revealed that only 16% of CEOs, surveyed in 64 countries, use social media as a way to engage with customers.

Additionally, a recent survey by DHR International found that 60% of executives are on social media an hour a week or less.

The majority of the executives surveyed said they felt being on social media would not be beneficial to their business, and that they would be more active if they felt being on social media was a "better use of their time."

About 60% admitted they might be on social media if they better understood its benefits.

The surveys bring to light an important point about social media demographics - while booming for Millennials and middle-management, CEO-level executives remain missing from the Internet and social media.

In 2012, 88% of all Internet users researched products and services before making a purchase.To paraphrase the teachings of Yoda, we fear things we do not understand. Perhaps if CEOs better understood the advantages of social media engagement and brand building, organizations across the world would be all the better for it.

Do you know an executive who isn't on social media? What are their reasons?

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