LinkedIn Acquires Bright in Largest Acquisition to Date

February 7, 2014
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February 6, 2014
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February 13, 2014

Professional networking giant LinkedIn has acquired, a data-driven job search site.

The acquisition is the largest in the company's history, according to Tech Crunch, and cost $120 million.

The acquisition means that several members of the Bright team will be joining LinkedIn, especially those in engineering and product team roles. It is unclear whether Bright's founders will join the move to the LinkedIn team. will continue its search services until February 28. The acquisition follows a trend for LinkedIn, which has snatched up various startups such as Rapportive, SlideShare, and Pulse in recent years.

Bright stood out among more traditional search engines because of its advanced data science and intelligence algorithms for better searches. According to Bright's official blog on the acquisition, the main goal of the move was to apply their technology across a broader economy.

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