Kickoff with Qualigence International
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Hourly Recruitment Research
Recruitment research services at Qualigence are broken up into 3 tiers:
Hourly Sourcing as a Service
Candidate sourcing teams craft active and passive candidate profiles, reach out to candidates, and even pre-screen them while they're at it.
Hourly Recruiting
Qualigence recruiters develop strategic plans for candidate outreach, conduct qualification and needs assessments, develop and build relationships with candidates, and of course, make placements.

Project Outsourcing
Choose from our a la carte menu of recruiting services: research, sourcing, recruiting, scheduling, or even the entire lifecycle. Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.

Flat Fee Services

RIGHT List - $750
Receive a list of names, titles, locations, and verified phone numbers of 30 contacts who meet your position titles.
RIGHT Source - $5000
Receive 8 qualified, initially interested candidates who meet up to 3 of your minimum requirements.
RIGHT Talent - $8500
Receive 3 qualified, interested candidates who meet up to 5 of your minimum requirements.
RIGHT Hire - 22% of annual salary
The smartest option when it's time to make your next big hire but you're strapped for time and resources.
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