Shocking Number of Recruiters Relying on LinkedIn As Sole Sourcing Tool

October 4, 2013
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September 30, 2013
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October 11, 2013

Are you relying entirely on LinkedIn for recruiting?

LinkedIn has much value when utilized correctly, but relying on it as your sole recruiting resource can be dangerous. According to a recent Bullhorn Reach survey, 67% of recruiters are utilizing LinkedIn as their only recruiting method.

Recruiter growth is far exceeding user growth, diminishing the site’s effectiveness for recruiting. Ignoring InMails and other reachout from recruiters is becoming more common.

According to Recruiting Toolbox, there is one recruiter for every 1,800 users on LinkedIn. This is up from 13,000 recruiters for every one user a few years ago. Additionally, only a third of LinkedIn profiles are up to date, according to ICM research. As much as 25% of these online resumes contain lies or embellishments.

Many executive-level candidates do not have a presence on LinkedIn; in fact, says 68% of CEOS have no social media presence at all.

While online sourcing tools such as LinkedIn are valuable resources for recruiting, they are far from the definitive solution. Tools such as LinkedIn are best utilized when leveraged with other candidate outreach methods that target the rest of the candidate population.

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  1. Stephen Lowisz says:

    This was a hot topic at the recent Sourcecon event. Although LinkedIn is a great tool, there is question about their future when you look at issues of big data. LinkedIn is focused only on LinkedIn and is not aware of what goes on in the general web. Off the last 10 candidates I have spoken to, 8 said they no longer update their profile or pay attention to InMails form recruiters!!!!!

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