Create Leaders That Take Your Business to the Next-Level

Emerging Leader Training
  • Invest in your team and develop tomorrow’s leaders 
  • Learn key leadership lessons through interactive trainings and active participation 
  • Available on-site or virtually 
Established Leadership Training
  • Unlock your full potential as a leader by leveraging the power of influence
  • Learn how to inspire your team to follow you because they want to…not because they have to
  • Available on-site or virtually
Leading Through Change Training
  • Learn how to lead an organization through times of crisis and change to greater success 
  • Understand key approaches to communication, strategy, and maintaining team morale 
  • Available on-site or virtually 
5 Levels of Leadership – John Maxwell Certified
  • Understand the 5 levels of leadership and how to move to the highest level 
  • Learn why true leadership is about influence and how to influence others in interactive sessions 
  • Available on-site or virtually 

Steve’s leadership courses are all about how you can become a leader that achieves MORE and inspires your people to follow you for years to come. 

T. Rann Paynter

President and CEO, Michigan Bankers Association



Stephanie shared the materials you recently provided to the leadership group. Wow! What an important impact you’re making on them, their leadership, ultimately their organizations and the industry.


Ever grateful sir, for all you do!




Your Organization is Only as Successful as Your Leaders

For your organization to thrive, you need strong leaders – at EVERY level of the organization. Get practical, action-oriented training so you can crush your goals from a John Maxwell certified leadership trainer. 

Learn From Someone Who’s Been There

As a five-time entrepreneur and CEO with 20+ years of leadership experience, Steve’s been there. Learn from his real-life successes and failures on how to lead more effectively. 

Leadership Development

With over 20 years of business leadership experience, Steve is ready to help you solve challenges like turnover, fix ineffective leadership and get the most from your teams.

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