Job Fairs vs. Private Receptions

January 22, 2014
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As organizations face another talent shortage, now is the time to gauge what type of candidate outreach and engagement method is most efficient. For some employers, social sourcing is still the top choice for finding candidates. But with the overwhelming amount of recruiters searching on LinkedIn for talent (and only LinkedIn), it is beneficial to consider alternative methods.

Leveraging in-person interview tactics can ensure that the employer stays ahead of the competition and is seen as an attractive option for qualified candidates. Job fairs offer the opportunity to reach many candidates at a time. But a more effective approach to candidate outreach - private receptions - allow for a specialized, exclusive experience with a personalized candidate pool.

Compare these in-person candidate outreach methods.

Job Fairs
A job fair can be a useful outreach tool for an employer’s candidate search, particularly if they are looking to hire recent graduates. Job fairs allow for the opportunity to network, trade information, and get a quick summary of several candidates’ qualifications.

But job fairs also have their share of shortcomings, including:

  • Time consuming and expensive to organize and attend
  • Limited time with each candidate
  • Impersonal (candidates see their competition directly)
  • Candidates may not be ideal for the role
  • Can be hectic, rushed, overwhelming for candidate and employer
  • Can be unaccommodating for the candidates’ schedule

Private Receptions
Private receptions allow for an exclusive, private meeting for a single position (or several like-function positions) with one candidate at a time and the employer.

Typically organized by trained professionals, private receptions are often held at a hotel or other public space in which each candidate has a specified timeframe and is not waiting around with their direct competition.

The candidate is selected based on their skill set, experience, and fit for the job prior to the reception, and is personally invited to attend and speak directly with the employer.

Other benefits of private receptions:

  • Professional, personal opportunity to learn about candidate and role
  • More casual than a corporate interview, more personal than a job fair
  • Personalized candidate pool to engage with – not randomly selected

Each type of event has its benefits. Deciding which type of outreach is best for the organization can be key to finding and placing top talent.

For more information, please visit our Private Receptions page.

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