[INFOGRAPHIC] Work Culture Around the Globe – India

February 11, 2016
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February 8, 2016
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February 15, 2016

This image is the fifth in a series about Work Culture Around the Globe, in which we will feature differences in professional culture in varying parts of the world.

Business culture in India encompasses a competitive, entrepreneurial environment in which professionals enjoy starting new business ventures and learning new skills well into their careers.

It is not uncommon for business professionals in India to exceed 40 hour work weeks to get the job done, often racing against the clock late into the night during a last minute push to complete projects. Support of business activity is highly regulated in India, resulting in many components of bureaucracy and red tape to get through in order to start or complete projects.

The following infographic provides further information regarding the business culture, mannerisms, and ethics in India:

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  1. […] This image is the fifth in a series about Work Culture Around the Globe, in which we will feature differences in professional culture in varying parts of the world.Business culture in India enc…  […]

  2. I found this infographic very useful and interesting, as well as the others. Thanks for sharing such nice work.

    • Jason Johnson says:

      Robert, your kind comments are much appreciated! We are glad you find our infographics to be useful – stay tuned for more in this series!

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