INFOGRAPHIC: The Importance of Company Culture

May 5, 2014
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April 30, 2014
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May 12, 2014

On the surface, it’s not difficult to comprehend why company culture matters for business.

But as a company grows it becomes particularly important to decide what kind of company it is, and what kind of company you would like it to be.

With growth comes more difficulty in facilitating a streamlined process of communication to make big decisions, get to know everyone individually, and encompass an overall sense of camaraderie.

An organization can have the most brilliant strategy and vision in the world, but it will be all for naught if not backed by a sound company culture.

There are varying definitions regarding company culture, but more classic descriptions still hold true.

Kai Hammerich, author of “Fish Can’t See Water: How National Culture Can Make or Break Your Corporate Strategy,” defines company culture as:

“A pattern of shared basic assumptions that was learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid, and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems.”

Fore more information, see our Whitepaper on Company Culture.

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