[INFOGRAPHIC] Recruiters…Wake Up!

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January 23, 2013
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February 4, 2013

Realigning the Focus on What's Important...The Candidate!

With our recent blog post and Whitepaper, "Caring for the Candidate," we dove into some of the problems recruiters are having today when it comes to the candidate experience and what can be done to remedy these issues.

We conducted a LinkedIn survey asking recruiters and hiring managers about their New Year Staffing Resolution and what they plan on being their primary focus in 2013. The results were shocking, revealing that more than half of respondents' number one focus was on "Ramping up their Social Media," yet ZERO Respondents said "Making sure the Candidate is Satisfied."

The feedback from the Whitepaper and the simple solutions we gathered influenced the creation of an [INFOGRAPHIC] to get back to the basics of recruiting and realign the focus on what's is really important in the recruiting process...THE CANDIDATE!

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  1. Rhonda Aflakian says:

    Well said.

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