Building a successful team is hard. 

Building a successful SALES team is even more challenging. 

Businesses will spend huge budgets trying to hire high-performers and drive revenue with sales teams… 

…and oftentimes, they end up right where they started. Despite all the money they’ve spent, they still aren’t taking their sales performance to the next level. 

If you’re serious about building a sales team that crushes your quotas quarter after quarter, it’s time to rethink your strategy. 

Here are 3 killer solutions for building a stronger sales team: 

Let Go of Underperformers 

We get it. Letting people go is hard. 

But how many times have you waited for someone to start delivering who never reaches expectations? 

A strong sales team only has room for overachievers. You need to show your high performers that you don’t have tolerance for freeloaders, and that delivering revenue is the only way to stay on the team. 

Besides, the sooner you let go of an underperformer, the sooner you can start looking for your next great salesperson. 

Hire Based on Objective Metrics (But Be Careful With Experience) 

When selecting candidates, forget about your gut or intuition. You will make great sales hires much more consistently if you focus on objective criteria. 

Consider someone’s track record of delivering revenue. How often did they meet their goals at prior positions? What environments have they been successful in? How well did they answer structured interview questions? 

That said, don’t put too much weight in years of experience. While experience can be a predictor of success, the opposite is also true at times. We’ve all seen inexperienced candidates who were burning with ambition and went on to crush their goals.  

Likewise, we’ve all seen a highly experienced rep who struggled to adapt to a new team or who grew soft after a long career. 

Test Sales Candidates 

Tests are another great way to ensure you’re picking high performers. Put candidates through a typical selling scenario at your company, or ask them to pitch your company.  

Ask them hard questions about a product. You might even use pressure interviews to see how they operate when a sale is slipping away from them. 

In any case, a test can help you get beyond the resume and learn about someone’s attitude, skills, and tenacity in sales. 

Your All-Star Sales Team is Waiting 

It’s not easy building a winning sales team. However, there are few tasks that are more important to the long-term success of your organization. Learning how to build a strong sales team pays incredible dividends and ensures your company can flourish for years to come.