IT recruitment companies are in very high demand.

IT (information technology) is now at the core of every business. It’s a vital function for Fortune 500 companies and local businesses alike.

Unfortunately, the professionals that keep these systems running smoothly are in short supply.

Consider these five keys when searching for an IT recruitment company:

Pick an IT Recruitment Company With Experience in the Industry

The field of information technology is highly technical. Furthermore, it’s always evolving. New technologies are introduced every day.

If you’re trying to find highly-skilled IT candidates, you need expert recruiters.

When picking a recruiting agency, ask about their experience in IT.

What companies have they worked with? What roles have they worked on recently? Do they understand where the industry is today?

IT professionals don’t want to talk to recruiters who don’t understand their work. If you want to make quality hires in this space, find a team with deep experience here.

A Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Many recruiting agencies think about recruiting backwards. They send hiring managers as many candidates as they can find. However, hiring managers only need 3-5 high-quality candidates per role.

If a recruiter submits more candidates, you’re actually wasting time and money. Quality will vary much more. And as a hiring manager, you have to sift through the pile to find the candidates worth interviewing.

Firstly, a quality IT recruiting firm will take the time to learn your unique needs. Secondly, they’ll work to understand the hiring manager and their team. Furthermore, they’ll learn your situation and your specific hiring goals.

Next, they will find candidates hyper-targeted to your needs. That way you can focus on picking the best of the best. Above all, a few quality candidates is worth more than 10 so-so candidates.

Ask Them How They Define Value

Working with an IT recruitment company should be about more than filling positions. You should pick a partner that adds real value to your business.

Many recruiting agencies will brag about their fast time-to-hire. Others might boast about the number of candidates they submit.

However, from a human resources perspective, the real value is in quality hires. You don’t just need IT hires, you need hires that stick around long-term. Additionally, you need IT professionals that thrive on your team.

An IT recruitment company providing real value will focus on these metrics:

  • Submittal-to-interview rate
  • Interview-to-hire rate
  • Retention rate

Talent acquisition is more than a function. It’s the future of your business! In conclusion, think carefully about the real value you’re getting.

Choose an IT Recruitment Company With a Fair Pricing Model

Pricing models vary widely in recruiting.

Most common is contingent. With this model, you pay a commission when the recruiter makes a hire.

The problem is this motivates a recruiter to make a hire quickly. The recruiter isn’t paid by quality of hire. The longer the search, the more money they lose. In other words, they’re paid to put butts in seats.

But no commissioned IT recruitment company would tell you that.

Here at Qualigence, we use an hourly model. That allows us to stay profitable for short and long searches alike. We get paid for our time and expertise.

Let’s face it, tech candidates are hard to find. Searches can take some time.

It also allows us to be more transparent. And if you don’t find value, you can end the search anytime. In sum, think whether the pricing model supports your goals.

Consider How Different IT Recruitment Companies Find Talent

Tech recruiters find candidates in many different ways.

Some have a large database of tech talent they dig through. Meanwhile, other staffing agencies will find the same candidates you could find yourself on LinkedIn.

Here at Qualigence, we use our research team to find talent. We’re able to customize the search to YOUR unique needs. Furthermore, we find talent that isn’t on LinkedIn. It allows you to access the entire talent pool.

If you want to find software developers, we can find devs in a specific metro area. It gives our clients a huge advantage.

Crushing Your Talent Goals Starts by Picking the Right Partner

Your IT recruitment company should be more than a headhunter. They should be a true partner for your team. Similarly, you need an organization committed to your recruiting success.

These keys are only a few to look for. At the end of the day, you have to pick the right firm for your needs. In conclusion, pick wisely and pay attention to how a company really serves you!