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Knowing the problem is half the battle

It’s a candidate’s market for sales professionals. Finding qualified sales talent is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult to identify the true high-performers. We specialize in finding and recruiting the top performers you need to crush your sales goals.

A Recruiting Team That Specializes in Sales

We have an in-house team of recruiters dedicated to landing the best sales professionals. With years of experience, our expert team knows how to find and engage with top-tier sales talent.

Evidence-Based Interviewing Strategies

If we want to beat the 80/20 rule, we have to diligently review candidates for their performance history. We ask insightful, structured questions to get a deep look at whether someone is riding coattails or truly driving revenue.

Over 70% Higher Response Rates

Sales professionals are constantly being contacted by recruiters, making it extremely difficult to connect. Our personalized, results-based approach cuts through the noise to land top candidates.

The Problem:

“We can’t find any quality candidates…there’s just not enough sales professionals in our area.”

The Solution:

Leverage the largest recruiting research team.

Access the entire talent pool

The Problem:

“We can’t afford another bad hire – we need recruiters to submit quality candidates that fit our unique needs.”

The Solution:

Our no commissions business model emphasizes quality over quantity.

We’re dedicated to finding the right candidate

The Problem:

“We hired an all-star with all the right skills…but they’re not hitting their quotas.”

The Solution:

We use people analytics to drive performance.

It’s about using science to build better teams

Qualigence is proud to partner-up with Fortune 500 global enterprises.

Sales Recruiting Experts

MARY ANN LEE, Sales Recruiting Specialist

Mary Ann brings extensive experience in sales recruiting. She has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to recruit for a variety of roles including account executive, sales manager, and director of sales.