Ian Davidson

Solutions Consultant

Ian Davidson is a Solutions Consultant at Qualigence International. Ian joined Qualigence in 2017 and is responsible for identifying, developing and cultivating relationships with new and existing clients in order to exceed their research and recruiting needs.


What do you most enjoy about your role at Qualigence?

Building new relationships with clients on a personal level.


Proudest/noteworthy accomplishments in your role?

I'm proud to be part of a team that works hard to put their clients needs first.


What are 3 things you would tell a candidate about working at Qualigence?

1. The teamwork
2. Our service is extremely valuable.
3. Opportunity


What Thought Leaders/Authors have influenced you professionally?

Everyone I meet or interact with in one form or another influence me.


Interesting Fact

I was apart of the United States Army Honor Guard.


Building client relationships

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