Hannah Pikula

Digital Content Manager

Hannah Pikula is the Digital Content Manager at Qualigence International. Hannah joined Qualigence in 2016 and is responsible for overseeing the cohesive marketing strategy for the organization as well as managing all digital content including email campaigns, social media, and website content. Hannah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting & English from Madonna University.


What do you most enjoy about your role at Qualigence?

I love helping build a brand that tells a great story and provides value for both our employees and clients.


Proudest/noteworthy accomplishments in your role?

Any time I see our content resonate with our audience is a proud moment. If after they finish a blog or whitepaper and walk away with a new perspective and see us as a thought leader that genuinely cares about client success, the marketing team has done a great job.


What are 3 things you would tell a candidate about working at Qualigence?

1. It's cheese, but be yourself!
2. Be curious. Make time to capture and think about new ideas.
3. Appreciate your team - everyone brings something totally different to the table.


What Thought Leaders/Authors have influenced you professionally?

Amy Cuddy, Sophia Amoruso, Todd Dewett, Sheryl Sandberg, Jason Fried, Jessica Mah, Walt Disney


Interesting Fact

Knows way too much about the British Royal Family


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