Hanna Root

IT and Dev Ops Recruiter

Hanna specializes in IT and software development recruiting. As a technical recruiter, she strategically pairs an ability to attract sought-after passive candidates with her focused, qualitative recruiting techniques. Learn more about how Qualigence and Hanna can drive top talent to your organization.

Hanna has recently placed top candidates in hard-to-fill roles within app development, data science, and machine learning.

"I had a client ask me for a UX Researcher and Designer who has a Master’s Degree specifically from U of M’s HCI Program. I decided to call up the HCI department and ask if there was a place I could share my job posting with past alumni. I was granted access to publish my job posting and within 48 hours I had the perfect candidate. Not only was the client extremely happy, but so was the candidate. He loved the position so much that he relocated from Nevada to Michigan on his own expense."
- Hanna Root


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