Handbook Explains Tricky Recruiting Terminology in Quick & Easy Glossary

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August 2, 2013
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KPO? ROI? Benchmarking??

Does Recruiting jargon have you feeling left in the dark?

Talent acquisition, whether it be active talent sourcing or passive talent sourcing, is tougher than it looks. As a new Recruiter in particular, it can be overwhelming to fully comprehend all of the intricacies, definitions, and best practices of Recruiting from the get-go.

To make things more complicated, many Recruiters are often thrown into the mix with little to no training, preparation or overview. This can lead to confusion or, even worse, dissatisfaction of a candidate or client.

To help alleviate these common issues within Recruiting, we have developed a Recruiter Handbook with an extensive glossary of terms and definitions just for Recruiters. The goal of this handbook is to ease a new Recruiter’s mind or simply act as a refresher for a more experienced Recruiter.

By gaining familiarity with the terminology, Recruiters will be able to put more of their focus on candidate and client satisfaction.

Within this Recruiter handbook, you'll learn the A-Z definitions of Recruiting, from Applicant Tracking Systems to Fixed Term Employment to Work Life Balance. You'll learn what squirrels have to do with recruiting and the difference between a job order and a job description.

Whether you're a brand new recruiter or a 20-year expert, we hope you find this guide to be a handy resource.

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