Google+ Launches Communities Feature

December 10, 2012
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December 4, 2012
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December 11, 2012

Latest Addition Creates Opportunity for Social Interaction, Discussion - But Will it Catch On?

Google+ has hopped on board with Facebook and LinkedIn with its new Communities feature, which allows users of the social network to create and contribute to a shared "gathering place" of ideas and common interest. The Communities feature launched late last week to drive traffic to a site that currently sees 135 million active users monthly (over 500 million total).

The buzz surrounding the new effort by Google+ is that communities could be a way to not only drive traffic to the site, but make it stick. Communities give users a reason to spend more time on the site and make more discoveries and connections.

A resounding issue with LinkedIn's groups, and something Google has addressed with its new feature, is moderation. Where LinkedIn groups often have an overabundance of spam posts without a filter, Google+ gives the creator of the community the ability to remove a public post or make it visible to the group when there is a potential danger of spam.

With a seemingly more user-friendly interface, perhaps the traffic from other social networks will make the jump over to Google+ for their discussion and engagement needs.

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Will you use the new Google+ Communities feature? Why or why not?

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