You can’t go wrong with the RIGHT Search Guarantee

RIGHT Search offers 4 flat fee tiers of recruiting services based on your individual needs. Plus, each tier comes with its own guarantee so you never have to worry about a project left unfinished.

RIGHT List - $750

When you opt in for Right List, you can look forward to a list of 30 individual candidates who match your target job title and function. We also deliver verified email addresses and direct-dial phone numbers.

RIGHT Source - $3500

Our certified recruiters paired with our in-house marketing team will build awareness, source, engage, develop, and package 10 potential candidates that are presently interested in opportunities in your organization.

RIGHT Talent - $8500

Right Talent utilizes full assets of your organization, like marketing, primary research, sourcing, and candidate development. We tie all of that together to provide 4 qualified and actively interested candidates who are ready to join your team.

RIGHT Hire - (22% of Annual Salary)

RIGHT Hire is our promise to step in and place that critical hire when the time and resources just aren’t available. To backup our promise, we even offer a 6-12 month replacement guarantee.

Come see what all the fuss is about

Get in touch today so we can talk about how you’ll benefit from our RIGHT Search Guarantee this holiday season.

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