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Because finding the right candidate depends on the right approach



When accurate contact information is nowhere to be found and InMail rates continue to drop, Right List provides you with an edge over your competition.

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RIGHT Source

Take advantage of Right Source to entice, engage, develop, and deliver a long list of quality candidates.

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RIGHT Talent

Right Talent sifts through the masses to give you 4 finalists who can be hired on time and within budget.

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Right Hire is a cost-effective investment that provides total and complete support, from identification all the way to guaranteed placement of the right candidate.

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Guranteed Results Based on your needs

RIGHT List - $750

Stop relying on the same old research your competitor’s use. When you opt in for Right List, you can look forward to a list of 30 individual candidates who match your target job title and function. We also deliver verified email addresses and direct-dial phone numbers.

RIGHT List Highlights

  • Leverage multiple contact touch points to increase engagement opportunities
  • Leverage marketing automation tools with verified email addresses
  • Drive positive candidate experience from the very first outreach
  • Build your own proprietary candidate database
  • Receive guarantee accurate information or it’s replaced
  • 100% ownership of the candidate research

Get back multiple hours every day spent searching for contacts and spend time speaking with candidates!

RIGHT Source - $3500

Our certified recruiters paired with our in-house marketing team will build awareness, source, engage, develop, and package 10 potential candidates that are presently interested in opportunities in your organization.

RIGHT Source Highlights

  • No additional cost for hires
  • Receive a comprehensive list of candidates who match your target title(s) and are ready to move forward as soon as you are
  • Proactive sourcing to build pipelines or drive flow for other open positions
  • 100% ownership of all candidate research

When every minute of your time, and every dollar of your budget counts!

RIGHT Talent - $8500

Right Talent utilizes full assets of your organization, like marketing, primary research, sourcing, and candidate development. We tie all of that together to provide 4 qualified and actively interested candidates who are ready to join your team.

Right Talent Highlights

  • Concise, targeted list of candidates who meet your requirements, and have a verified interest in not just your organization, but for that specific role
  • Clearly defined candidate motivations outlined and presented
  • Fully developed candidate profiles included with an update resume/CV
  • Weekly status reports
  • 100% ownership of all candidate research
  • No additional cost for hires

When it’s time for you to make that critical hire but you need to focus on driving your business!

RIGHT Hire - (22% of Annual Salary)

Right Hire is your best option when it’s time to make a critical hire, but the time and resources just aren’t available.

This is our promise to you; a promise to place the right candidate, and a promise to back up the placement with a 6-12-month replacement guarantee.

Our process begins with a customized job description and candidate profile that hones in on the DNA (Dimensions of Necessary Attributes) of every candidate. Such attributes include capacity, character, competency, and culture fit.

After we define the right candidates, we Identify, approach, engage, develop, assess, and present only the top, most qualified talent to fill your role.

Here's how we fulfill our promise:

  • Leverage traditional and non-traditional sourcing methods, including primary research
  • Complete in-person or video interviews with every finalist
  • Host weekly update calls or video meetings
  • Executive assessments performed by a suitable Ph.D.
  • Minimum 6-month replacement guarantee on all placements

After all is said and done, you own every bit of research we’ve conducted along the way.

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