Email Communication Quick Tips for Recruiters

February 13, 2014
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February 7, 2014
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February 19, 2014

When sending emails as a recruiter, it's important to first understand the primary goals of the communication method you are using.

The three main focuses of email communication are:

  • Avoiding Spam Blockers
  • Creating Compelling Subject Lines
  • Having a Concise Message

Consider these email best practices the next time you correspond with a candidate through email.

Subject Lines

The key to a compelling subject line is to “tell, not sell.” Subject lines should be viewed similar to news headlines: they tell the beginning of the story. The subject line does not need to be a complete sentence.

The most effective subject line styles establish curiosity, ask “what’s in it for me?”, make an announcement, and are direct.


  • “Reaching out due to your early childcare experience”
  • "Want to learn about  your teaching and childcare experience"

Subject lines should be compelling and establish curiosity. Subject lines that involve a news angle make an announcement and are direct, establishing curiosity and making the reader more likely to click. Centering the content around newsworthy material can be an entrance point to catch the candidate's attention.

Steer clear of "HELLO" in your subject line; these messages are likely to fall into the spam folder.


  • “(Company) Named to Fortune List of Best Companies to Work For”
  • “Likely merger of Kindercare to result in job cuts”

Avoiding Spam Blockers

In order to avoid spam blockers, steer clear of using all capital letters. Spam filters consider capital letters suspicious, and it's considered bad netiquette.

Simplify any HTML in your email. Too much HTML (graphics/pictures) can flag emails.

Stick to simple markups, such as basic colors. Avoid thick borders, fancy templates, and lots of links. Also avoid suspicious phrases. And last, keep it concise.

Top suspicious phrases to avoid in email:

  • Free
  • Urgent
  • Opportunity
  • Profits
  • Money
  • Amazing
  • Guaranteed
  • Unlimited
  • Career
  • Job

Email Signature Best Practices

With email signatures, it’s important to remember that the longer the signature, the less likely it is to go into the SPAM folder.

Longer signatures that include first and lat name, company logo, title, office and cell phone number, and company URL are legitimate and less likely to fall into the SPAM folder.

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