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On-Demand Talent Optimization Webinar

Don’t Just Put Butts In Seats

Show Me What you’ll learn in this talent optimization webinar……

What really drives employee turnover?

Depending on what statistics you look at, more than 70% of new hires within 18 months AND more than 44% of internal hires are a disappointment. Why are these numbers so high? Why do we keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?

What are the worst and best predictors of job performance?

Think about your existing interview process: On what factors do you place the emphasis to determine if the candidate is right for the role? Learn what factors are proven predictors of performance and which ones have little correlation at all!

How to uncover the real drivers of each candidate or team.

Learn how you can decode each human being through the Core 4 Interview Process that applies both art and science to determine the natural drives and behaviors of every individual. Learn how to make decisions based on data and not just “gut”.

How to inspire and engage your teams to drive performance.

Learn how to define and create real employee engagement. It’s not just about how someone feels, but what they do or don’t do that defines real engagement. Plus, it reduces turnover!