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We have our own recruiters. We’re not looking to outsource right now.

We’ve heard this one countless of times. Our response usually goes something like this: Are they as successful as they could be if they were utilizing Qualigence International?

Most internal recruiting teams are overworked, under resourced, and lacking in notability. They’re pushed for time, struggling under the pressure of their superiors, and simply can’t compete with their larger competitors. While not necessarily any fault of their own, this is the bottom line nonetheless.

If you’re an HR leader, perhaps you may not see the way in which your recruiters are struggling. That’s a story for another time.

At Qualigence International, we possess the contacts and resources to ease the recruiter's struggles. Here’s how:

Ron Burgundy of Anchorman once said, “people know me.” In our case, professionals within the industry recognize our logo. They’re much more likely to talk to a recruiter from Qualigence International than they are to engage an internal recruiter because they know the values that we represent. We’ve been across the board, in and out of every industry, and are known to for our research. Internal recruiters don’t always possess the same reputation.

With internal recruiting, contacts run dry. Resources run short. As a department within a larger organization, money is not always allotted in the most generous amounts. Because research and recruitment are our forte, our resources are directed 100% in that direction. We’ve built countless contacts over the years, and we maintain them regularly. In essence, we have access to conveniences that most internal recruiting departments don’t have.

Recruiting departments are slammed. With open requisitions piling high and recruiters sweating from their foreheads, your team could probably use a break. We put time back into your calendar by taking assignments off your plate. Your team isn’t invincible; eventually, it will drown in its own work. Give it a rest and let your recruiters breathe.

We understand that your budget is finite and your team is stressed enough. For that reason, we’ve utilized an hourly rate. This includes a start-and-stop model; your team decides when we begin the project and when we terminate, regardless of results. There is no retainer, no large hit at the end of the project. We desire to keep things simple and straightforward so that our clients can breathe a sigh of relief.


It’s time to give yourself a break. Let us take the punch: it’s what we’re here for.

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