Dig out that SAT Score: More Employers Requiring Test Results for Job

April 1, 2014
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March 25, 2014
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April 4, 2014

Thought you were done agonizing over your SAT or ACT scores?

Not so fast. A trend making its way through the workforce is the requirement of candidate test scores in order to qualify for open positions.

Consulting firms such as Bain & Co., McKinsey & Co., and financial services organizations such as Goldman Sachs are all asking recent college graduates for their SAT score, according to Forbes.

Cvent, an event management software company, also asks all job applications to provide SAT or ACT scores in order to interview.

According to Forbes, some companies are going so far as to ask senior level management for their scores, regardless of how long ago they took the test.

Some hiring managers say that requiring ACT and SAT test scores can help determine which candidates have the “raw brainpower” required for the job, setting their sights on particular sections of the test scores such as math. Some recruiters for consulting firms are even asked to screen candidates who scored in a certain percentile.

The potential downside to the test score trend is that some candidates are choosing to pass on jobs that require such results to be submitted. Companies such as Google have changed their tune regarding test scores in recent years because of the impact it had on attracting qualified candidates.

They also found that hiring those who tested better did not necessarily mean the candidate was more equipped for the job. Internal testing found “little to no correlation” between test scores and job performance at Google.

Would you ever require test scores for a job opening? Why or why not?

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