Demand for Software Developers Reflected in Intern Salaries

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December 5, 2014
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For college students or recent graduates, or even those looking to re-enter the workforce, the phrase "learn to code" is becoming sage advice as tech roles take the lead. The demand for technology talent has led to an uneven workforce, in which many candidates are not yet trained on the rapidly developing technology. This supply-demand imbalance equates to approximately three open positions for every one trained software developer nationally.

The demand for quality developer professionals is highlighted in a recent tech internship salary report that was released to online news outlet Vox. The report names the following approximate salaries for today's tech interns:

  • Quora - $8250/month + $1500 housing
  • Pinterest - $7500/month + $1.5k housing
  • Google - $7000/month + housing stipend
  • LinkedIn - $7600/month + 5k relocation
  • Amazon - $6000/month + housing
  • Apple - $6000/month + $3.5k housing
  • Facebook - $6800/month + $1k housing
  • Square - $7500/month + $1500 housing

While many internships do not last an entire year, when calculated most tech internship salaries would bring in over $100,00 annually.

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, the average annual salary nationally is $44,888 a year.

An ongoing issue for many organizations is locating top tech talent to fill open positions. Many companies are relying strictly on job boards, of which only 18% of all candidate types can be found, according to ERE.

Other issues in finding and hiring tech talent include an unexciting employer brand - tech candidates are being approached by hundreds of recruiters and without a strong brand to back up the job description won't likely take the leap - and time to fill a role taking far too long. With their choice of where to go, top tech talent likely won't wait through a lengthy interview process to see if they are a match.

Business News Daily recommends looking beyond the usual resources to locate tech talent. Candidates that can't be found online may be the best undiscovered fit for the role, as well as candidates who break the traditional stereotypes associated with technology professionals.

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